Deleting a solid geometry


hello i am trying to trim a wall over the roof , i got that solid part which need to be trimmed , but dont know how to delete it (solid). As you can see in the pic , how should i delete it1


Hi ,

Can you share the entire graph?




If you already got the part that you want to be trimmed, then why don’t you just exclude it from the list? Then it will be effectively “deleted”.

However, you are working with solids here, and this has no effect on Revit elements such as walls. You will have to either import the resulting solid as a revit wall family, or you will have to use a different approach to edit the walls themselves.

In order to better understand what you’re trying to do, you want to make the walls attach to the bottom of the roof?



Wall by profile

You got the answer to your question in this article. What is the problem?


Durmus , that is creating walls by profile … what i am trying to do here is trimming . its just im trying on an example . In my project i have on ist storey the internal and external walls coming out of Gable roof and i need to trim that


You can only trim the walls if you create a void family and cut the walls with it.

Other options you have is wall by profile like you were trying to do, or attach them to the roof (which isn’t yet possible through dynamo), or to change the top offset value to correspond to the wall intersection with the bottom of the roof.


Also, as your @sed07

You can send it to Revit with" Spring.Direct Shape ".


Durmus yes , someone used this node springs.Direct shape.bygeometry but i didnt really knew about that and it gives me that part separately and the original part still there . But yes let me try i hope this will work. Thanks i ll give feedback after try


this is what i was talking about when i use that node u suggested



You need to edit your list. Enter only the geometries you want to create in the node entries.


for example here i did just for one out of four walls to be trimmed and the result u saw in previous picture separately trimmed with original wall the same


Just a doubt ? Why don’t you use the direct tool available in revit for this operation ?


sheffypatambi yes i know in revit but im creating building and everything in dynamo so i have to trim also in dynamo