Delete Family parameters of a Family in an opened project

Hey, is it possible to delete some family parameters from families in an opened .rvt project? I mean without actually pointing to directory where that family is saved.
I guess this method would involve opening a family, deleting that parameter and closing and loading it - is it possible?

I’ve found some traces about how to get it done on forum, but all seem to point to saving and loading these families from path to specific directory/file

I think you are on the right path, but the Orchid nodes don’t really work well with OOTB nodes. If you use them you should use only the , which I think can be done.

Close but this still involves having a real path to a real directory on your PC, I would like to do it all inside of a Revit instance and only with a project - contaning families to be purged - opened.

edit: could be some more info here, thanks SeanP

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I think this python will get you very close, but you’d need to get the delete portion integrated.

So I’ve been trying to apply several methods shown in RevitAPI but none of them seem to work with FilteredElementCollector - seems that I can’t grab and filter out family parameters?

seems that’s it unobtainable because its of an APIObject class ?

Take a look at the Family Manager class.Parameters inside families actually operate differently than in models.