Delete a Portion of a Pipe

Is there a way to select a pipe and run a dynamo script that would delete say 1 foot of pipe from the center of the original pipe in turn leaving you with two pieces of pipe?

In short: nope

So you have to go through the API using C#/VB I’m assuming?

Hi @mstewartE9CT7

Just like @T_Pover was saying it is not possible neither by Revit API. There is no method in Revit API.

But you can create pipe between two points within the revit API Pipe.create(), so wouldn’t I be able to get location data from existing pipe, delete pipe and add two pipes with that location data?

Yep! you can create a new pipe in Revit API using the location of the pipe.

To elaborate on my previous answer (wasn’t behind computer): It is indeed possible to do so with the Revit API, but it would mean creating 2 new pipes or changing the length of the existing pipe and creating a single new pipe. But it doesn’t end there as your pipe is probably connected to something else at its ends, so you would also have to connect the new pipes with the existing fittings. All of which is possible by using the Revit API.
For the pipe creation I’ve got you covered with a custom node from the ‘MEPover’ package:

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@mstewartE9CT7 And here is how it looks like.

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