Definition works in 1.0 but not in 1.2

Hello. I made a definition to join finish walls to core walls. It works very well in but does nothing in (both are the last stable version i think). I’m using revit 2016 and Rhythm, Clockwork and steamnodes packages (different versions for each version of Dynamo).

Here is the result with 1.0:

And the result with 1.2:

This part of the code is where i could find a diference (1.0):

And in 1.2:

(The second watch node only shows the same list after a flatten).

I could not find any explanation to why this is hapenning. Does anyone have a idea? I’ve looked in the foruns but could not find anything.

Here´s the complete definition:

I know it looks bigger than necessary to such a simple task, but I wanted to preselect the walls by function and preselect the walls which are next to each other to save computer power (and time in big projects). Besides that I’m kind of a newbie in Dynamo.

Thank you in advance,

Looks like the problem is in the tool.intersectionchecker node from steam. I’m using 1.0.0 with Dynamo 1.0 and 1.2.3 with Dynamo 1.2. This node is different in 1.2.3 and doesn’t work the same way the 1.0.0 version. Next free time I have I’ll look more closely to it. Does someone knows why isn’t working?