Definition of Name in Output of CodeBlock

Greetings everyone!
I am a new user to Dynamo and I have a question, which may seem basic to some of you, but after research I could not find an answer.
The problem is that I have created a formula with the given inputs (image below) and one number as an output. I want this number to be assigned the name “Final” and whenever in the Dynamo I need to call it, I can by the name Final. I have created the following codeblock (with name: Assign_Value) but it only takes either specific numeric values or strings. Could it take as return a numeric variable?Ideally, I would like it to take in return instead of the numeric 4.29 the OUT from my calculation (which in this case is 4.29, but in other case can differ) but it only recognizes it as a string.
Do you have any idea on how to solve this?

@Becky91 If I understand correctly, you’re correct in assuming it’s basic :slight_smile:
You don’t (or actually can’t) permanently assign a value to a variable (such as final)
If you’re using code blocks, you might call final multiple times (in one code block), but will still have only one final input port. Just ensure that you connect the output of your calculation node to the final input port