Define Floor w/Void By Inner and Outer Profile Curve


It’s showing floor objects but it is not creating corresponding Revit elements. The idea was to feed sublists of 2 items (inner and outer profile curve) to define the floor slab with void into the curves input and then sublists of 1 corresponding level each to the levels input. Any advice appreciated.


We have discussed this before. Have a look in the following thread:


Thanks Dimitar I will move this content (if it varies at all) to the other thread.

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What!? You wanted to create an opening in a floor? That’s crazy architecture…LOL. Same with Walls by profile. It’s actually a Revit API issue not as much as a Dynamo issue. Creating openings like Dimitar has suggested is a decent workaround but remember that in case that you want to define a single floor with multiple loops (finish floors for multiple rooms that are “inside” of each room) you will end up with multiple floor elements.

I’m having a similar problem.