Data.ExportExcel our result System.Collections.ArrayList


Dear all,
I have a hard time hoping people will support me.
I output the results to Excel but only showed System.Collections.ArrayList


try to add string from object node after List.Transpose node.


I tried but failed


Which package is “Pipe.GetProperties” nodes coming from?


These packages are a file addin for civil3d 2020, get property string and double


How about this?



This error has not previously occurred.


Are you running this via Dynamo for Civil3D?


Yes, i running in Dynamo for Civil3D 2020.


What package is the pipe get properties node in? Or is that out of the box for Civil 3D?

If I can get all the parts to rebuild/run the graph (I’m not a Civil 3D guy so that would include a dwg with a pipe in it) then I can try and solve this or flag it with development.


Dynamo currently only error at List.Transpose to excel