Cutting Sphere over the walls with python script?

Hello, we are conducting a topic on BIM and GIS for our graduation project. We added the modem models in the building model that we modeled through REVIT and then added their shooting areas as a 3d sphere. In the 2-storey building, the sphere added to the modem in the ceiling appears on the base of the upper floor. This problem is also suggested by our teacher to solve the python and write a script about it. So we need to write a script that would prevent the overlay of the circles we added on the modems from the walls, but I couldn’t see an example of this before, nor did I find any code written on python. I have a limited knowledge of Python, but I think we can handle it if we have a topic or an example. We will then integrate the Python script with the FME program.

I’m waiting for your ideas related to the Python code that we will integrate into the model in the revision.


From the sound of it, you’re wanting a Python (Dynamo) solution, but you’d be happy with a Revit one?

The advantage of a Revit solution would be that you don’t need to re-run a Dynamo everytime you want them hidden.

My suggestion would be to put the sphere on a custom sub-category which you then turn off in the views you don’t want to see…

Would you want to do that in Python? Or are you happy to do it in Revit?

Hope that’s useful,


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