Custom nodes stops working when inputs are defined


I borrowed a python script from this post, and created a custom node with it. For some reason, when I define the inputs (which is what I should do if I want to be able to use lacing, if I understood correctly), it stops working.

Not sure if this is the right way to define them, but when I remove the definitions it works fine.

I suspect ‘Grids’ and ‘Views’ are names which are reserved. Try using lowercase text (‘grids’ and 'views) or another name.

Ah that was it I guess! I didn’t expect inputs to actually read object names.

I came across this while searching for a recent issue I’ve had. I know this has already been solved and you’ve probably learned by now, but anytime you see a word in blue like Views is in your image, that’s a reserved word, either referring to a type or class, will not function as a variable name, and will throw an error, much like Paul_Wintour suggested.