Curve.ByBlendBetweenCurves = Clothoid?


When using the component ‘Curve.ByBlendBetweenCurves’ a transition curve is generated between two other reference curves based on their end point tangents.
But what happens to the curvature along the transition curve, does it vary linearly with its curve length?

Test of Transition Curves

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Interesting node, seems like a 3D fillet.

But, I sure am ignorant of the math behind it :slight_smile:

The Curve.ByBlendBetweenCurves creates a blend curve that has G1 continuity with the reference curves. We can add an option to make them G2 continuous as well but at the moment they are only G1 by default.

Thanks for the answer Aparajit.
G2 continuity is a highly relevant feature in road/railway design, so please add this option :smiley:

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Hi Aparajit,

I am interested to find out how if there is any update on the subject.
I have a straight line and a curve, and need to join them based on the end points and the tangents in those points. Both are sloped.
The problem I have is totally common for motorways where you transition from straight to curve or curve to curve with different radii. In my case the tangents do not intersect this would then correspond to a motorway curve transition with simultaneous change in fall.
A G2,3 transition blend curve would help?

Thank you

Hi All,

The new “Curve.ByBlendBetweenCurves” has been updated to accomodate creation of G2 continuous blends optionally. You can see this new node in the latest release of Dynamo 1.1 coming out soon.