Curve Boolean

How can I remove the overlapping curve from the curve? I want a curved version of Solid.Defference.

Hello…do you mean like this

But sorry.
What I want is a line segment that excludes the line segment output in LineLoop.Merge from the first line segment.

Hi…not sure i understand…like this ?

Thank you, sovitek.
I want to make it like the your second image.
Please tell me two points.
・ Can you tell me a custom package that includes curves.shatter?
・ Why is the length 1100 distinguished?


This one here is from Sparrow but think a lot of package had it as well, you can use OOTB “split by point” too…the reason for the length is i sort the curves by length

Thank you, again.
I’ve tried various things, but it doesn’t work. I will attach a partial capture of the script.

Allright…im not sure what you try to do

solved. Using “Geometry.IsAlmostEqualTo”, I was able to extract the part of the line segment to be excluded from all the line segments divided by the endpoints of the overlapping line segments.

Happy it works for you :wink: im still not sure what you try to do…but it works :wink:

Sorry for the poor explanation. But your help was a hint. appreciate.

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