Curtain Wall Panel Family for Dynamo Selecting


This is more of a Revit question perhaps. There is a great post here for randomising the selection of ‘things’ - types of curtain wall panels in a curtain wall in my case. What I was wondering is how you best go about creating a family with different types you can control with these integers. I have done this using the visibility parameter but this only works for two types, not for more than two. I can tell Revit to show 1 of 4 (say) varying types in a curtain wall using integer values created by Dynamo, but I don’t know how to create the family to accommodate this :slight_smile:

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Could it be done by a Statement in the family, If (parameter) = 0 show X type, If (parameter) = 1 show Y type, If (parameter) = 2 show Z type etc… Is this a logical method? It’s completely possible I am looking at this the wrong way :slight_smile:

You’ll need family type parameters for that.

One parameter for each nested curtain panel family - each one has a different family type assigned to it.

Plus one more family type parameter which controls the currently assigned family type. Its value is the parameter name of one of the above parameters.

This isn’t exactly what you are looking for but uses some similar knowledge that may be helpful. In the example I…

1)Referenced a mass (surface) from Revit into Dynamo

2)Subdivided the surface into panels

3)Assign each panel a random number

4)Based on the number each panel is seperated into 1 of 4 types

5)Extract each panels corner points

6)Drive 4 different types of adaptive components with those points

If this is at all helpful let me know and I can post the files.


Hi Keith,

Your approach is interesting - Can you post the files (Revit & Dyn) so I can learn from it?


R. Chandrasekar




I also used 2 lunchbox nodes in there so make sure you have the package. It could probably be cleaned up a bit/simplified but enjoy!

Randomize Curtain Panels


Try this one. The randomize pattern reshuffles and gives a different combination.