Change curtainpanel into mechanical Equipment

Hi Guys,

Our architect has model the ceilingplan with curtain panels.
Now i have to indicate which panel will be active or not with there cooling and heating loads.

What i want to do is copy the curtain panels into our MEP model and change them into a mechanical Equipement. Is this possible in Dynamo ?


I wouldn’t think so. Curtain Panels are system families so you can’t just change the category.
However, you could create a basic family that could recreate the curtain panel geometry in you MEP model.

but when i have a mechanical family is it then possible to copy the geometry of the curtain panels into those ?

Depending on how you set up the mechanical family and how complex the curtain panel geometry is, yes.

If it’s just rectangular curtain panels then a simple rectangular family with dimensional parameters should be enough to match geometries. Irregular or complex geometry might require an adaptive family.

Does anyone have a example how I can setup this ?