Curtain Panel Ordering

Hey there,

I’m trying to build a simple script to adjust curtain panel parameters on a divided surface, however Revit’s appears to segregate the first batch of 10x10 curtain wall panels (the U and V grid numbers are set to “10” by default when a surface is divided).

Images attached to illustrate. the script is simple for now as I was trying to troubleshooting the issue.
Curtain panel orderingScript
If anyone has found a clever way to overcome this issue, I’d be super appreciative of your help.

The number of vvalues is less than the number of elements. 1701 vs 1800.
So you need to feed enough values for all the elements.
Also if you need certain sequance you need to sort your elements before changing their parameters.

Thank you for highlighting this, I am aware of it. However the issue I am trying to solve is the default ordering of the curtain panels. I see two potential ways forward:

  1. Select each curtain panel via coordinates and adjust their parameters in this order
  2. Break my default list into groups of 10 and re-locate the first 10 groups so they fit nicely in the correct order, then flatten the list

[Edit for clarification]
Image attached to illustrate issue still remains with increased list number:
Curtain panel ordering_

@Andy_Grout Firstly, you’d have better control if you avoid Divided Surfaces.When using Dynamo, there are better approaches to paneling surfaces. Search for examples on this forum.

However, when I tried to replicate your issue, I didn’t seem to have a problem.
Your issue probably is a result of placing the first AC at a point away from the origin before the ACs were repeated. (I’m assuming you’ve used the repeater) Just guessing though.

SpherePanels.rfa (2.3 MB)

Hi Vikram, sorry for the delayed response. Setting the first panel manually and then using the repeater seemed to do the trick to order the panels from the corner point - Thank you!

With this solved, I was able to move onto the next stage and adjust parameters in the curtain panel via pixel values in an image file.