Current Document Name


Is it possible to retrieve the Current Document Name?


Like so?


What package is that from? I havee quite a bit installed but…
Are you on 2.0?


Both are from the “Orchid” package (Previously called DanEDU)

The Orchid package works on both 1.3.x and 2.0, but I’m on 1.3.2


Also possible with 1.3.2 OOTB nodes


Vikram that method sadly doesn’t work with BIM 360
Orchid package works though

Thanks guys


Just a small explanation on the difference between the OOTB node and the Orchid node.

The OOTB node gives an internal Dynamo document, while the Orchid node gives a Revit.DB document, that can be used when coding in python directly or anything that needs to be connected outside Dynamo “boundary”.