Crossroad node (if logic)

Hi there,
there is an IF “node” in subassembly composer that allows you to choose which group of functions is calculated. I was looking for something similar in Dynamo but without succes. Clockwork plugin seemed to be quite close with its “waitfor” node, but it is not what I am looking for.

Imagine that you want to manipulate with a file. At first you check if the file already exists. If not you have to create it and then add data. But if it exists you wanna skip the creation process and maybe check its content. Is this possible in Dynamo?

Please do not try to figure this only example but try to see it in general way.

and there is general logic from subassembly composer

Like this?

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You could use DesignScript logic like this:

True/False List ? Your List : Your List ;

Then you can add a calculation like + 180 in the first “your list” that will do something for all true values, whilst keeping the data structure the same and not do anything for false values