Cross sectional rotation of a element using vector and angle

hi guys i have problem in rotating the element along the axis
the element is rotating but i need it to rotate along the axis

You can try node Rotate.Family

And input angels is degrees

node not working bro

Can you provide us with a bit more information.
What is the element you are trying to rotate?
How is it created/hosted?
These kind of considerations will dictate how it may be edited with respect to “Rotation”

hi Ewan

Iam tying to rotate cable tray

and it is placed by points

Cable trays need a location line so o don’t think that node will work. Instead try getting the element.location and rotate that, then try an element.setlocation method to relocate the element. Not sure what impact this would have on connectors.

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it works thanks bro

if you have a solution, mark it!

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