Crop Interior Elevations with Walls Intersecting the View Cut

I am attempting to automatically crop interior Views to walls that intersect the view cut. I have gotten a fair amount through the script, but the issue is that the interior views move position and dont crop to the right sizes currently.

anyone have any ideas why it might not be working?


WIP Resize Int Elevation Crop.dyn (61.7 KB)

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There is quite a lot going on in your graph…

I would start by getting 1 view, with 4 walls and trying to make it work… Then build up. I would make as much use as possible of the geometry previews to understand what’s going on, and I would ‘comment’ as much as possible so you really really understand what’s happening.

Given that you haven’t provided a test Revit file, it’s hard to know exactly what the problem is without giving quite a lot of my time to replicate your setup, unfortunately I don’t have that time spare.

It would also be helpful if you provided a screen grab of your graph for us to quickly look at it.

Some things which jump out…

If you do have multiple views, you’re going to need a list structure where each view is in it’s own list, and the related walls are in sets of lists, then you can set your nodes to run at level 2 and Dynamo will understand how they relate.

Also, you’re reliant on walls being perpendicular, which is not always going to be the case?

Also you’re reliant on bounding boxes (I think?) which are currently ‘axis aligned’ so you might get odd results if your file is rotated at all.

Best of luck with it,


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Thanks for your reply @Mark.Ackerley ! Let me fill in some of the gaps!

I was able to get walls, and filter them by ones touching the view cut line. The issue seems to be where applying the bounding box is not behaving like id expect it to, granted im still pretty new to dynamo.
The walls should always be perpendicular to the view cuts for our offices purposes.

Here are all the files to test it out!

WIP Resize Int Elevation Crop.dyn (61.5 KB)
resize elevation test.rvt (5.2 MB)


I agree, it looks like there is something funny going on!

I simplified it right down, set the view to true north (even though there was no rotation anyway) and got the rotation being very different to what I expected…

I can’t explain why it has rotated around at 45 degrees, it’s almost as though the node is taking the max/min of the bounding box, instead of aligning, which isn’t much use to you.

I believe there are alternative nodes in Archilab? Perhaps try one of those?



Yeah I was getting that 45 Degree Turn as well! Its so weird. The crop boxes seemed to change to incorrect sizes. my theory is that i have to pull specific values from the Bounding Boxes to for all four lines of the view crop. That’s gonna be one long script though! Ill look into other nodes, thanks for your help so far!

I wondered if the bounding box had to be created in a certain way, so i built one from the crop view curves and extruded it by the direction of the view, but it did the same thing…

This post has managed to get it working, but I can’t see why it is different to what we are doing…

Best of luck,


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For posterity, here is a working version using Views.SetCropBoxByCurves from Archi-Lab, thanks also to @Daniel_Woodcock1.

WIP Resize Int Elevation Crop (2).dyn (64.7 KB)


Thank you to you both! This is amazing! I’m going to add some steps on the end, then ill post a final script!