Crop Boundary to take Outer edge of Inner Line of Wall, Ceiling and Floor

Hi . I would like the revit to take correct crop boundary while developing elevation.
For eg - It should take outer edge of Inner wall line, floor and ceiling, so that the line thickness is seen and not hidden.
I have to offset the boundary by 0.4" every time to achieve this.
Also it takes bottom of Flooring line instead of Ground level line.
Is there any alternative with Dynamo?

Hi there,

4 months late but just came across this post - I needed a similar tool to clean up interior elevations and developed this based on bits and pieces of scripts I came across. The script pulls the boundaries of a room to create a filled region with the type and lineweight adjustable as inputs. I believe the MEPover, rhythm and archi-lab packages were the ones needed. I run it through dynamo player to select the filled region /line types and the viewports. A drawback is that you can only select one view at a time on a sheet, still working on a way to quickly clean up a whole sheet of unformatted views/make it more user friendly but hope this helps get the ball rolling. Best of luck!

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