Critical path sections

Hello to all,
I want to pick up all section included in Duct pressure loss as Critical path and to perform Graphical override (basically to select all elements and to colour them).

Now, I did take a look to the Revit API documentation, there you can find a Method GetCriticalPathSectionNumbers, link:

Now, there is a code for C#, VB and Visual C++. I know that Dynamo can use Python but I do not know how to use any of those languages. :frowning:

Can someone help me with this method? How Python script need to look and which input I need to provide to that script in order to have (as an output) list of section from the critical path?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @nndkovacevic

You can do with one line of python code this way:

Thank you very much Kulkul. That do the trick. :grinning: