Creating topography in Revit from point cloud in recap (.rcs/.rcp)

I have a point cloud of a proposed construction site in Autodesk Recap and wanna create topography in Revit out of it. Moreover, the site has alot of bushes and not clear as seen in picture adn this is picture of point cloud in ReCap. I manually imported point cloud in Revit and then tried in Dynamo to get all the points of point cloud but failed. I wanted to get all the points and the use the node which gets points and create topography. Any suggestions in this method or any other workflow ir help would be appreciated.

Pointcloud scans are usually much more detailed than you will need as a topography in Revit. I would first clean the pointcloud and separate vegetation in Recap, then I would lower the number of points in dynamo before creating the topography in Revit. I think Dynamo can handle this much points, the problem is Revit can’t work with so detailed topography.

Maybe lower the resolution in Recap, you can setup a distance before import raw pointclouds. Maybe even lower it to 10cm (if it’s possible)

Actually this is a small part of site and its big. I have no experience in ReCap but i will try what you said about cleaning the data. So what would you recommend; Going for dynamo or Civil 3D and then into Revit.

I don’t know c3d, maybe you can find better suiting tools there for this type of job. Also there are some new features for connecting c3d and Revit

Usually I use Scan Terrain Add-ins for topo surface from point cloud. see maybe it will help you.