Creating schedule for Reference Planes

Hi everyone. Just starting out on my Dynamo adventures and the first thing I wanted to try was creating a schedule of Reference Plane names. I would like to be able to change the names of the planes using the schedule and/or select the relevant planes and delete them if required.

Can anyone point me to a simple tutorial that would create something similar to the above? I can get Dynamo to create a list of the reference plane names, but I’m not sure how to plug this data into ScheduleView.CreateSchedule or ScheduleView.SchedulableFields.

Any help to get me going would be hugely appreciated! Cheers, Nik

Hi @nik.herbert and welcome…if i understand right you wanna create a schedule with refplanes, dont think its possible but you could try export/import form excel…if i understand

Thanks Sovitek. Yes, I would like to create a simple list of Reference Planes with their names in a schedule. I suspect that it might be tricky as otherwise it would already be possible within Revit. It would be interesting to see if anyone has tried something similar.

Hi i would try with excel as i think it isnt possible make refplane schedule even manually…