Creating room-separationline based on wall contures?


I tried to find issues related to this topic.
I try to define room that includes room-heigh Windows.

Manuel i can do it very well. I link a model with room-separation-lines and it works.
I want to automate this process in the room-separation-model
I draw the lines in a separte model to avoid warnings… related to walls

first issue to get the conture of the basementlevel of the level including the opening geometry

Are there similar topics… … or maybe a WorkAround?
GetPerimeterCurvesForRoomSeparationLines.dyn (15.0 KB)



ProjektD.rvt (832 KB)
ProjektE.rvt (824 KB)

I had a go at this but the windows have so much geometry it was ridiculously difficult to get a smooth outline.
I think the way forward would be to substitute the window (in Dynamo) with a rectangle and use that for the outline.

@Alien ,

i did it right now manual.

i have only a model with roombounderies (.rvt link is roombounded) to avoid errors between walls and separation lines.

I couldn’t open your revit as I’m on R21 :frowning:

But what I’m saying is:

Get the room geometry into Dynamo.
Get the window geometry into Dynamo.
Swap the window geometry for rectangles (same width)
Join the two, removing the inner bit of the rectangle
Then you’ve got your outline.

An idea:

  • Get the local coordinate system of the window
  • Draw a line centered on the origin (one endpoint +windowWidth/2 and the other at -windowWidth/2).
  • Transform the line to the coordinate system.
  • Pull the endpoints of the window line to the inside face of the wall
  • Split the line by the points, dropping the window portion.
  • Play connect the dots to get the resulting profile