Creating room numbers based of Element ID / Unique ID

Dear all,

I quite new to Dynamo and I am trying to room number all numbers in a model after Element ID / Unique ID, in a logic of the first room numbers in a floor would be the older rooms (from 001) and the last numbers to be the rooms more recently created (025 for example).
But lets say I delete a couple of old rooms in the future (example 009, 018, 020) and want to add a couple new ones (026, etc…). How could I prevent the existing room numbers to be changed everytime I run a script?

Could I kindly ask you guys to give a screenshot of how this script could look like?

Thank you so much.

Pedro A.

Dynamo already lists items by element ID, so it should do most of the sorting for you. If you want to prevent overwriting existing and previously used numbers, then you’ll likely need a second parameter to mark modified rooms. From there you can just get the latest/newest modified room number and start counting up from there for new rooms.

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