Creating railing from Room Boundary

hello everyone,
As a biginner dynamo user, I would like to create railing from rooms boundary .I’ve made a script but unfortunatly it doesn’t Work .I need help.
Thank’s so much.

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Hi @TOUFIK.meniai,

You need the wombat package to create railings.

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thank you for your help Alban_de_Chasteigner,
I’m wondering if it’s possible to deduct door’s widht from room’s polycurve?
best regards,

It seems that this question has already been asked several times on the forum but that there was no obvious answer.

Autodesk.Point.Z(x)==0 && Autodesk.Point.Z(y)==0?



Thank you so’s perfectly work .

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Hello, it seems the program works with only one surface. If you put a wall in the middle of the area to create two areas, railings are drawned twice along the same wall…do you have a solution ?