Creating Polylines/Pipe Network from XYZ Coordinates

Hi, I am trying to create a pressure pipe network from sets of XYZ coordinates locating the start/end centre of pipes.
Started with creating a polyline from the XYZ data by “Polyline3D.ByPoints” but have no idea on the input port of layer and block. Attached with the graph.

Appreciate if any advice.
Of course, will be great if there is node to create pipe network directly.

You’ll need to provide more info

Details of the yellow errors (hover over them) or the data outputs from the nodes (either use the pushpin, or a watch node) would help

For the block you likely want model space, which can be accessed via Document.ModelSpace which requires a Document.Current input.

Thank you guy,
Polylines created.
further, is there any customized node to create pipe network from XYZ points directly?

Not that I know of. If something solves your original query be sure to mark the solution so others can find it in the future.

Currently there are no nodes for creating pressure pipes. The Civil 3D Toolkit package has nodes for querying pressure pipe network data, but not creating/editing objects.

Here’s a related post:

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Thank you for the sharing.