Create temporary print setting

Hi all,

I have an enormous work flow for batch plotting sheets in a project which works pretty good.

The problem I am running into now is the amount of print settings I need and users need to transfer printswttings from a template project to their current projects to use it.

I have about 35 different sheet sizes therefore 35 print settings.

I would like to alter my work flow so it creates only the necessary print settings according to the sheets sent by the user.
After plotting I am going to delete those print settings again.

This way I don’t have to convince everyone to use the work flow and transfer print settings.

In short:

How to create a print setting in a script?
Edit: or maybe use an in session setting?

I can post part of the graph tomorrow if that’s needed but I figured this is an easy awnser for anyone that knows if this is even possible…

I don’t believe this is doable via the API.

Perhaps you’d be better off adding the print settings to the project template, and transfer them all into every model so they are just all there and be done with it?

Yes i think you are right, it’s not even that much of a hassle to transfer standards to existing projects ONCE if that means you can batch plot and rename all different sheet sizes at once.

Thanks, and happy birthday!

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