Create Solids from Corridor and Corridor.GetSolids Not Working

Any feedback on this particular issue most appreciated.
I have searched the forum for an answer and although there are many posts, none that I could see that answer my issue “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object”. I have created the solids in the model in c3d using the Extract Corridor Solids tool.
I installed Civil 2023 to see if that would help but unfortunately not:

I am uploading the dyn, and dwg.
Any help always appreciated.
Split_Volumes - 2023.dyn (31.8 KB)
_XR-02_ACCESS-TRACK_Corridors-SOLIDS.dwg (5.6 MB)

Hi @cjm,

That’s pretty strange! I’ve never seen that before, and I can’t get it to work either. That node is basically just a shortcut for selecting/filtering corridor solids by their property set data, so you can accomplish essentially the same thing using the ObjectByProperty node. Here’s an example:

Thanks will check this later, appreciate your help