Create regions from curves intersection

is there any easy way, as a ready tool to get regions out of curves intersections?

I have highlighted just few of what i call regions here:


OOTB yes:

  1. Create a surface from the overall area.
  2. Create the lists of curves, one for each direction (vertical and angled in your screenshot).
  3. Extrude the curves by 1 unit along the surface’s normal.
  4. Build a polysurface for each list - this will get you a list of vertical surfaces, and a list of angled surfaces.
  5. Geometry.Split the surface (1) by the first polysurface (4).
  6. Geometry.Split the resulting surfaces (5) by the second polysurface (4).

This is brilliant, I start to believe Dynamo has nothing to envy to GH and things just look more rational and less wrapped up.

Thanks a lot!