Create Project Parameter from Shared Parameter


Hi @erfajo

I ran this on a new project started by choosing none when it ask me for the project-template.
Can you explain?


i am not aware what Autodesk has put in their “empty” project template!? :slight_smile:

I got these… doing the same

if you want to use my nodes in the current document, then you don’t need to add the document, since I have coded this as the default value if the port is unassigned.

likewise can the ootb node for do the job for getting the name :slight_smile:


I use Element.Name+ beacause someone made it to use a bigger scope getting names. so my initial thought was why not use the bigger scope.
Maybe @JacobSmall can shed some light on what these parameters are/do, cleaning up my models i need to know what can be deleted
can’t seem to find them in here. further exploring needed, im on it, want to know @Luke_Johnson, @Jeremy_Tammik
btw @erfajo deleting a parameter by name is ok, but deleting a parameter by GUID is better i think, it will force you to know exactly what you are doing


Delete by guid… I will try to see what I can do asap :slight_smile:

However, I am struggling these days with the growth of my package. It holds now more than 150 nodes and I need to see if they can be organized better. Moving methods around comes with the backside of a need for migration, so users don’t end up with graphs not working. Therefore, have I started doing a UML diagram to gain an overview :slight_smile:


You help a lot of people out in difficult situations.
I like it


I have released the beta build nodes…


I just had this thought:
What if i could make those “loose” shared parameters into Shared Project Parameters with the categories still attached (no data loss). I can them delete them and investigate further if needed. But now i have control from the UI.


I don’t know what happens if you dig something up from the graveyard, I could give it a try asap…

Right now am I once more troubling with the closed Dynamo API, you need to build some many features over and over again due to protection by the Dynamo team.
I need to solve this one first and it is driving me crazy :slight_smile: