Create new Excel-File from example file

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a new Excel file, from an example file which has some basic information already in it.
This example file is stored somewhere else on my PC and should not be edited, moved or deleted by this script. (Just copied)

When i have copied this file to another location i would like to rename the file into “the date + the time + a title”. Then (over)write some information to it.

Unfortunately the build in Dynamo Nodes give me errors which makes it look like i need to already have a file which i can overwrite, but i want to create a new file every time my script is used.

Thanks in advance!

(This is what i mean)

The destination path is the file name and the directory as one, therefore follow the below to see how you can grab and re-join the file name accordingly.

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Thank you so much!!
I was looking at the Dynamo Dictonary but i didnt understand it!

This cleared it up :slight_smile:

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