Create more elements in Revit from the same dynamo file

I designed a file dynamo to create a truss in Revit selecting model lines in Revit .

When I select other model lines and restart the program trusses moving on new lines selected but are deleted from the old.

Can I create different trusses by the same file dynamo?

Is There a command for doing this?


Hi Daniel,

Dynamo tries to update elements it has placed whenever possible rather than create new ones. This is almost always the case for most users, but you are right, sometimes you want to reuse an old graph and break the existing associations. (Issue tracked internally as MAGN-1581.)

Think of the association between the Dynamo graph and the Revit elements as being contained in the node that places the elements. In the case of the truss, it’s probably something like Beam.ByCurve. Your quickest option to reuse your graph by simply replacing the Beam.ByCurve node with a new Beam.ByCurve node when you want to “break” Dynamo’s association with what it made.

Thanks Colin, it’s clear what you tell me! There are few days that use Dynamo and I thought there was a special command to break the connection.
I’ll try to do as you say.

Well, in all honesty, there are a few bugs we’re working that break the connection when it shouldn’t be broken. Maybe you saw some of those. Otherwise, Dynamo isn’t supposed to forget :slight_smile:

I agree, it would be useful to be able to switch off the associativity between Dynamo and Revit whenever we don’t need it.

What do you mean by “store”?

I think we are all talking about the same functionality request–that you want to be able to switch off the association between a node that places Revit elements and those elements that it has placed in the past (therefore the node would place new elements). Did I miss anything?