Create line in all views

Guys, I’m trying to create a line at the center of the pipes. However, the line works in the first view I create, but I can’t replicate it for the other views. I thought about using it in all the plant and section views.

Thank you for everything, folks.


Use a ModelLine instead of a DetailLine.


Thanks for the tip, but I don’t know which node to use to turn this into a model line. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Instead of DetailCurve.ByCurve you want ModelCurve.ByCurve.

In my dynamo this option does not appear, it is some pack?

Is it not that first one? It’s a core Revit node.

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Parts of it worked, but in one of the views, it is visible in the foreground, in the others, it’s present but underneath.

It’s a 3D model curve. It has 3D coordinates, so you need to draw it at the the correct offset.