Create Legend from View

Hello Dynamo Friends :slight_smile:

I want to make a Legend out of a View that looks exactly like the View. So 3D Elements have to be converted to lines and annotations have to be copied etc…

Here is an example View:

I can create a Legend (by workaround) and copy the Annotations:

And now i want to get the 3D Elements as Lines or a filled region. I intersect the Elements with a plane, that gives me surfaces and now i dont know how to continue.

Am I going in the right direction? How can i get lines or points from surfaces?

Happy abou any advice :slight_smile:

Typically this would be much more complicated than it seems, however, you might be in luck if your view is just a few simple shapes and annotations. The next step once you have the surfaces would be to get the perimeter curves. Then convert to Revit lines or fill regions if you’re hatching.

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nice, i got the lines that are inside the viewport and i can place them in the legend:

But the result is a mess, lines are placed all over another, so there is an issue with the coordinatesystem.

Edit: Got it, just had to switch y and z value!

So i´ve got my lines and my annotations, but after one hour of trying to figure out how to position them right i give up for today:


Just created a ViewCS and transformed coordinates, works great now :smiley: