Create Icon in IronPython?


How can i create and place my Icon? Are there rules regarding format and pixels, colours a.s.o.?


You can use free icons available online or use a vector editing program like Illustrator/GIMP (even Photoshop works!) or any other freeware to make your own logo. In the end what you need in Python is a .ico file.

If the software you are using doesn’t allow you to export a .ico then export your logo as .png, search for png to ico converter online and get your ico file.

There are no particular rules that I know of. But there are a lot of guidelines like:

See which ones work best for you.

I usually start with 256x256 pixel because I can always downsize it but not vice-versa.
But if you are sure that you will only need a 32x32 or a 16x16 then start with 64x64 to avoid a significant detail loss.

import clr

from System.Reflection import Assembly
from System.Windows.Forms import Form
from System.Drawing import Icon

iconFilename = r'D:\Dynamo_32.ico'
icon = Icon(iconFilename)

form = Form()
form.Text = "Hello World"
form.Icon = icon

OUT = form

A good free online photo editing software is photopea…

And a good place to get icons from for free (mostly free with some caveats) is Icons8…