Create Filled Region Types from List

Hello All,

I am trying to create various filled region types from a list and set their parameters afterwards from another list, but non of the nodes that I have found seem to be able to duplicate these items, see screenshot below, does anybody know of any nodes or package that can fulfil this task?!

Thanks in advance

Hi @wma_sfenton

Currently your feeding string to ElementType input try feeding value of List.FirstItem.

Thank you @Kulkul, that worked and I have the new filled regions created from a list.

The next step I have is to apply the material parameter to the filled region based on the same list, however the material list needs to be sorted in the same order as the filled region list, the list sort node for the material list doesn’t seem to work at all, any thoughts?
Create filled region for materials-WIP.dyn (18.4 KB)

So i have completed the steps for this script

  1. Create Filled region types from list
  2. Find matching materials from project materials (the other part to this is a python script which is not quite complete)
  3. sort both the above list to alphabetical order
  4. apply material parameters to newly created filled regions

Must go back to complete the script which will actually create the materials and all their parameters now!

Create filled region for materials-WIP.dyn (23.2 KB)