Create a U-shape polycurve based on 4 coordinates


I want to create U-shape based on 4 coordinates have created by selecting a curve and used translate and vector to obtain the desired position for the coordinates . The 4 different coordintes lists is merged to a list( se picture) and then reorganized so the 4 points that will create the U-shape is divided into individual lists.

Feel like it is just one node or one small adjustment which is needed.

You guys have any idea?

on list.create node. switch between iltem 2 with item 3

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There is mulitple ways, but Iā€™m in a Python state of mind these days, so:

list = IN[0]
result = [[i[0],i[1],i[3],i[2]] for i in list]

# Assign your output to the OUT variable.
OUT = result
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Thanks alot for the time and answer guys!

First, I think the node: List.sort overrides the order of the inputs in the list.

Will give the python script a try!

found another way to solve it, se picture under: