Create a single concrete Sloped Beam with consistent thickness

Ultimately, I want to make a sloped floor, but sloped floors do not maintain the exact thickness of the floor in Revit. The more the floor is sloped the narrower/thinner the floor will be. Therefore, I’m looking to beams. I would like to create a concrete beam, in Dynamo, based on 2 xy points picked, a width and an angle. the first point can be 0,0,0. The width will be the width of the beam. The angle varies.

I’m uploading the code for the floor, but I’m trying to use a concrete beam to have a consistent floor. Also, the floor code requires the Data Shapes package be loaded.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

image SlopedFloor10Y x 5X.dyn (36.9 KB)

Are you trying to get the dimensions in Red to have the value of the dimensions in Green?

If so, why? The 1/4" thick tile will only ever be sold as 1/4" thick tile… I’m a bit lost here.

Yes. I’m expecting a beam is the only way to do this.

Stephen Grisez

But, why?

The elements which make up the overall assembly will only ever be N units deep, not N / COS(a) units deep.

Likely the best solution is an in place model (easy enough with Dynamo or a manual creation), or just adjust the depth of the floor to the N/COS(a) depth.

Using a column to fake this is going to cause issues all over the place in the end.

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also known as a ramp ?


All I want to do is make a single sloped concrete beam based on two points in dynamo., not column. I have already explained the why. I should have left off the example, as it has only added confusion to my request.

Thank you for considering my topic.

Stephen Grisez


Ramps (floors ar a slope) will will not work. I need a beam. Yes it looks exactly like a ramp. But I can find no place that describes how to make a single beam at a slope in dynamo. I expect it is really easy but I have not been able to find how.

Stephen Grisez

Can beams be created by 2 points and not ‘by curves’

Stephen Grisez

Not out of the box - Revit doesn’t work that way. When you draw a beam it starts a line from your first click, then finishes it at your 2nd click.

However you can create a line from two points very easily. If you really wanted to you could create a custom node for it, but it’d skip the extra effort there.

If you have a dynamo script that shows this I would love to see it.

It’d be a combination of two samples in the dictionary.
Use this to create a line via two points:

Then this but use the line produced by the prior graph instead of the offset edge which was selected: