Create a group

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I would like to learn how to create a group & how to place it in a legend.

Can it be done in dynamo?

This page shows how to create groups using API, so that means it should be possible to create groups in Dynamo/Python node. Not sure if someone has made a node for it yet.

As for placing it, it should be the same as placing any element in a legend.

Clockwork: Group.FromElements
Not sure how you would place it in a legend view, though - and that would need to be a detail group.

Hi Andreas

Thanks for that.

This gives me group in model but i want group in detail. Have you got any solution for that ?

As model group can’t be placed in legend.

It should give you a model group if you create it from model elements and a detail group if you use annotation elements.
If you want to show model elements in legends, you 'll need to create them as legend components (which is not supported by the Revit API, see for a possible workaround).

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for all your amazing work :slight_smile:

Have you seen this? It seems to answer the question in the Revit Forum post…



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