CPython method overloading problems (Dynamo 2.10 & Python3)

Hi folks,

I’m having trouble using method overloading when using the CPython engine in Dynamo 2.10
Please check the following code to create a schema and place an instance of it in an element in the model.
It works just fine in IronPython but crashes in CPython (I skip the import block for brevity):

component = UnwrapElement(IN[0])


def create_schema():
    schema_guid = System.Guid("DF3BBCC1-4D4D-4A01-B444-F9722814F9CE")
    schema_builder = SchemaBuilder(schema_guid)
    schema_builder.SetDocumentation("Test schema to store ids")
    field_builder = schema_builder.AddSimpleField("ParentComponentID", System.String)
    schema = schema_builder.Finish()
    return schema

def add_schema_instance(schema, rvt_element):
    field = schema.GetField("ParentComponentID")
    schema_instance = Entity(schema)
    schema_instance.Set[System.String](field, "ID0004")


schema = create_schema()

When I try to port it to CPython, this same code crashes with exception

Warning: TypeError : No method matches given arguments for Set: (<class ‘Autodesk.Revit.DB.ExtensibleStorage.Field’>, <class ‘str’>)

I have tried different permutations and no overloading like

schema_instance.Set(field, "ID0004")

But nothing seems to work…

What is the new syntax for method overloading when using CPython with Dynamo?

Thanks in advance and happy 2022 everyone!

I think you are trying to call a method with two parameters? I think your overload type list needs to include both types, the field and the string.
It’s also quite possible the overloading in pythonNet is just broken - I believe the approach has changed in the latest versions.


currently, it looks like PythonNet doesn’t work with template Parameter

Thanks guys, I’ll stick to IronPython in the meantime