Counting connections in Revit

Hey guys, I’m working on a research and i made a steel structure model. I need to get the number of the used connections, beam systems, floors and roofs to add, subtract and divide these numbers to get an index (my research index). Using the attached dynamo graph is somehow useful, but i can’t get the connections as a full connection (e.g. clip angle, bracing splice angle, apex angle, etc.) from the family types node, it just give me plates, bolts, etc.
Any better suggestions than this dynamo graph? using Revit schedules for example?

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What is the category of one of your connections? You could try selecting by that.

Connections used in the model are steel connections of Revit 2019. They are not shown in the category node to select them unfortunately. So, i can’t count them or have a list of each type. Am I going the right way?

Can you post a sample RVT? My belief is that the category ‘Structural Connections’ will be a starting point.