CorridorFeatureLine.CoordinateSystemByStation Issue


I have written a script where the script reads a feature line from the corridor model and will build solids from that featureline.

I start my script with pulling the feature lines from the corridor and then getting the start and end stations. The next step is creating coordinate systems from those start and end stations for me to create linework between them. However, whenever I do this the script says it finds a null value and creates errors across the rest of my script.

NULL ISSUE 01 (Mobile) (2)

Please let me know what your thoughts are for solving this?




I faced the same issue with one script, i created a list of stations and the Endstation was considered as Out of range and i get a null value… I had to replace the endstation by endstation - 0.0001.

Or maybe round them off to 3 or 4 decimal places first?

I have tried both methods. I even tried going into my corridor model and changing the begin and end stations with more precise stations and no change to the error.

Its weird, it is only a problem for one corridor model. The other models have no issues.

Update. I changed the geometry scaling to be as high as possible. I now get an error where it says “Unable to Create Line. Points are likely coincident.”