Copy multiple files from one folder to another

Hi…Is there a node available to copy the files contained in a folder into another folder ?


Thanks erfajo… I had done a search but only found the directory.copy node.

Will this allow just one file to be copied or all the files contained in a folder ?

to be honest I don’t know, I have never used it… and I would probably use tools made for that instead of doing it inside dynamo :slight_smile:

OK… Back to my original question then… Does anyone know if there is a node to allow me to copy all files within a folder into another folder ?

Apologies if I’m not using the best tools for the job but programming is not my forte, I am just trying to improve a dynamo graph I have written, with the aim of making a specific document issuing process easier.


Dean, it is possible, see picture below

Also find dynamo definition to test it out :slight_smile:CopyFiles.dyn (5.7 KB)

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Directory.Copy allows you to copy a folder (and all contents) to another location.

Thanks alvpickmans…worked perfectly.