Copy element from one file to multiple other files without opening-Orchid

I were trying to copy dwgexport settings from one file to multiple other files without opening them.I found the error like this
Warning: Document.CopyElement operation failed. The referenced object is not valid, possibly because it has been deleted from the database, or its creation was undone.
Sometime getting the error like

Attempt to modify the model outside transaction.

If someone could help me…@erfajo

It looks like you are trying to export something that is not an element as such… I am not quite sure what you are trying to do, please elaborate.

Is it this you are trying to export?

Then it is not the way to do it!
I would create the export setting in a document, but I can see that I dont have a node for doing that without opening the document. So I will try to see what can be done…

Hi erfajo,

Thanks for replying. no issue i found out the way around with the same node to transfer Export DWG setup to multiple documents,and its working.its will give an error but still it’s working.

This the method i followed, in this i called the source file and target files from the background itself.

Well if it worked, then ok… however, I dont think it is a good solution to do it that way.
In the meantime have I added the option to set an exportoption in a document as shown below…

Hi erfajo,

Thank you for the script model,happy to try this method also and let you know if its worked with this or not.

Please remember that the shown GRAPH is not meant for your case, it is just one of the GRAPHS we use in my company. The only thing you should see is the node marked with the arrow!