Copy and edit new styles (Pipes for example)

Is there any way to duplicate a selected style then access the layers and change it?
especially the pipes solid in the model view.

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Hi @mohieb.nassar,

Check out the Camber package. You can get the Display Styles from a Style, which is what you are describing. From there you can change the properties of the Display Style by view direction (“model” in your example).

Hi @mzjensen
Thanks for the package.
Well I still find it missing some of point.
my target is to export the pipes to NWC file and to show it sorted there.
lets say i have 3 type of styles ( Protection, Exist pipes, Demolish) i need to duplicate it based on the pipe networks number then rename it by adding the network name to the style name.
After that i need to set the layers for each network in the Model View direction.
Unfortunately the display style of model view directions give null values.


Sorry about that, looks like something isn’t working correctly. I’ve filed an issue and will look into it when I am able. Here it is for tracking purposes.


Thanks @mzjensen
And please add copy command for the exist styles in the new updates.


Hi @mohieb.nassar
Here you can find the input for view direction

Please let us know if you figure out a way to copy the styles, I’m looking for the same

Thanks @MohamedR.Nasreldeen for trying to help, but this is not exactly what i am looking for.
I believe @mzjensen he will add the copy and solve the bug in the coming updating for his package.

Hi @mohieb.nassar
I just realized the same bug here, hope @mzjensen can do so, would be great though

@mohieb.nassar @MohamedR.Nasreldeen this should be fixed in Camber v2.0.0.

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Thanks @mzjensen

Hi @mzjensen.
I think your package missing a node that set the Style to objects isn’t it?

There is a node called CivilObject.SetStyle, is that what you are looking for?

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Yes exactly, but is there any way to call the style by string

Not in Camber, but there is a node in the Civil 3D Toolkit to set a style by name.

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Thanks @mzjensen yes that node solved my issue.

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Hi @mzjensen
I am trying to set the layers in the displayStyle but i am getting null values as shown below.
Do you have any recommendations?

FYI there is a new Style.Duplicate node in Camber v.3.0.0.



Sorry for the delay. I have this on my to-do list to investigate before the next release, but I am not seeing the same behavior as you. I tested with pipe styles. Do you remember which style type you were trying to set the display style layers for?

Hello mate
I was focusing at the Model Display style.

But there’s not node to change color to be as by layer
is there any package for (displaystyle.setcolor) ?