Coordinates at edges


i wanted to get the coordinates at 6’ from the edges at marked points (red). the script I used is that I selected columns and from the center of their bottom I draw offset at 6’ and extracted the coordinates at the corner point. is possible that instead of using columns can I use the edges of all floors and do the same thing that is to get coordinates at 6’ from the edge. if yes what changes I should make?

sharing my script and model for reference.
offset coordinates.dyn (104 KB)
coordinates-1.rvt (4.0 MB)

You could try this:

Select the floor(s)
Get Element.Geometry
Explode Solid
Get surface Normals
Filter by Normal.Z value is 1
Get Surface.PerimeterCurves
Use Curve.Superjoin from “Chynamo” package (will return 2 polycurve loops)
filter out the loop with smaller length (this would be opening curve)
the remaining polycurve is the outer Boundary
use Curve.Offset with -6’ to get the inner curve
explode polycurve
get Curve.StartPoint for curves to get the points
get coordinates


GetPoints.dyn (28.0 KB)

I test it too… is it in this way?



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You should use Surface.normalAtParameter to get the Normal, to filter and get Only the TOP surface.