Coordinates at any point from dynamo

hi. is there any way to find coordinates at these points in dynamo?

I’m guessing you’re trying to get Coordinates of DetailLine?


i want to find coordinate 6ft away from the bottom edge.

It’s the same concept like I showed you on top. You just need to add Geometry.Translate node to translate bottom edge on Vector Y Axis with 6’ distance.

can you share the dynamo script?

Can you share relevant rvt file.

fil.rvt (4.0 MB)

actually, i want to find coordinates at 6 feet from each edge line at level 2. is that possible?

Yes. Assuming you’re trying to get from Columns. Here is the workflow:

For_Fil.dyn (49.6 KB)


package for element. type?

No Package all OOTB nodes.

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