Converting helix shape curve to a curve which is allowable for rebar creation

I am new to dynamo. Recently I have created dynamo script for column reinforcement.

Now I want to create a script for a circular concrete pile:

But now I am struggling with making a spiral type reinforcement. I want to make a script for recreating this kind of reinforcement by a spiral rebar shape:

I tried to make a helix curve but did not succeed to make a rebar from this kind of curve and now I am lost without any idea.
Can somebody share an idea how to make this kind of spiral reinforcement by dynamo?
I would be really thankful.

Amigo @linas.lapeikis como estas? I was looking for topics to create columns with particular geometries and I saw your post, you have found solution to your problem, I am not familiar with Revit elements like rebar, but maybe this geometry will help you if you haven’t solved it yet!

Helix Vs Lines.dyn (26.7 KB)