Content of Code Blocks is not visible after opening file

Hi there,

after opening file code blocks are shrunken so I can see few characters.
I need to copy content in code block ans paste it in new one.
Does any one know how to fix it?

versions : Dynamo Core Dynamo Studio


I has that issue a while back, a restart of my system solved the problem.

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Restarting system or dynamo does not help in my case.
How ever, error does not apply to all CodeBlocks:

Are you in Dynamo Studio, Dynamo Sandbox, or Dynamo Revit?

Autodesk Dynamo Studio 2017

Please check this in Dynamo for Revit. If it looks the same post your .dyn and any sample files to the forum.

Problem have just disappeared. Did not make any upgrades or updates.

Now its OK.

Sounds like insufficient system resources then. Let us know if it comes back.