Containment Test


I thought I’d take a swing at building a Dynamo script to Zone Elements (in this example Areas) by a Mass that controls 1 Zone. The aim is to expand it to deal with multiple Masses(Zones), using the Mass name to map to a series of Check Boxes (yes/no) Revit parameters to Zone anything from Areas, to Carparks etc.

I am using Dynmo

I am using the Polygon.ContainmentTest to determine if the Location Point is within a Polygon extracted from the Mass at the Z value of the Area.

This is the Revit File I am using: Dynamo Issue

And this is the dynamo script I have built: Dynamo Issue

No matter what I try the ContainmentTest returns false. There is probably a better way to achieve what I am after.




I’ve used UV.Isinside.Polygon from clockwork to a similar script.